About Me

I am a first year graduate student at Penn State, studying Astronomy and Astrophysics and aiming for the dual-title PhD in astrobiology. I will be doing research in how conditions of the disk affect the orbital and compositional properties of super Earths under Dr. Rebekah Dawson.

The newest version of my resume can be found here.


PhD, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pennsylvania State University, August 2016-present

MS, Space Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology, January 2016-May 2016, transferred

BS, Physics, Florida Institute of Technology, August 2012- December 2015 

BS, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Florida Institute of Technology, August 2012- December 2015 


Formation of Super-Earths

Penn State, Dr. Rebekah Dawson (June 2016--present)

--See how conditions of the disk affect orbital and compositional properties

--See if we need two separate populations of super-Earths to produce the observed population

--Try to idetify origin of closely-spaced super-Earths

Exoplanetary Systems

Florida Tech, Dr. Darin Ragozzine (September 2013—May 2016)

--Define and find Systems with Tightly-spaced Inner Planets (STIPs)
--Found the masses of four planets in two three-body resonances in Kepler-80
--Used Levenberg-Marquardt method for global chi-squared minimization
--Used IDL to analyze and plot results
--Tested robustness of fitter by creating multiple sets of test data

Dwarf Planet Haumea 

Florida Tech, Dr. Darin Ragozzine (August 2012—present)

--Find masses and orbital parameters of Haumea and its two moons

--Update existing IDL code to Python with better astrostatistical methods

--Use Markov chain Monte Carlo to process model and maximize likelihood

Stellar Winds of Theta Carinae

Florida Tech, Dr. Veronique Petit (August 2014—February 2015)

--Analyze image from Chandra of star to see if shocks can heat a low density wind
--See if similarities in kinematic properties between O and B stars is a trend
--Use CIAO to process data, extract and analyze spectrum, model other spectra for wind characteristics

Geomagnetic Storms 

Florida Tech, Dr. Niescja Turner  (August 2012—May 2013)

--Researched if differences in dst indexes when measured from ground and from orbit were significant
--Used IDL to plot and interpret data


Work Experience

Research Assistant

       Pennsylvania State University (June 2016-present)

Systems Enginnering Intern

     Northrup Grumman, Aerospace Systems (Summer 2016)

Systems Engineering Intern                                                                                            

       Lockheed Martin, Missiles and Fire Control (Summer 2015)                                          

Research Assistant             

       Florida Institute of Technology (September 2012—May 2016)


       Mathematical Advancement Center, Florida Institute of Technology (August 2014—December 2015)



Distinguished Student Scholar (April 2016)

Distinguished Student Scholar (April 2015)

Distinguished Student Scholar (April 2014)

Dean's List  (Fall 2012—Spring 2016)

Outstanding Sophomore in Physics Award (April 2013)


Professional Affiliations

American Astronomical Society, Junior Member

American Physical Society, Junior Member

Society of Phyics Students, Member

Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, Member

Sigma Pi Sigma Honors Society, Member

Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society, Member