Research Interests: Exoplanets, habitability, astrobiology, dynamics of planetary systems


Astro 5: The Sky and Planets (Fall 2019)

Astro 297: Astronomy Communication (Fall 2019)

Astro 1: Astronomical Universe (Summer 2018)

Current advisees: Cody Shakespeare (undergraduate), Leonard Feil (undergraduate)


First author:

A Dynamical Analysis of the Kepler-80 System of Five Transiting Planets,” MacDonald, M. G., Ragozzine, D., Fabrycky, D. C., et al. 2016, AJ, 152, 105

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“Disentangling the In-Situ Formation Conditions in Establishing the ’Dichotomy’ in Super-Earth Orbital Architectures,” MacDonald, M. G. and Dawson, R. I., in prep.

“Multivariate Analysis of Extrasolar Multi-planet Systems,” MacDonald, M. G. and Ford, E.B ., in prep.


The Orbital Eccentricity of Small Planet Systems,” Van Eylen, V., Albrecht, S., Huang, X., MacDonald, M. G., et al. 2018, ArXiv e-prints, arXiv:1807.00549 

“RV STIPs Detection,” Ragozzine, D. A., MacDonald, M. G., Tognetti, L. A., et al., in prep.