Research Interests: Exoplanets, habitability, astrobiology, dynamics of planetary systems


Astro 5: The Sky and Planets (Fall 2019, Fall 2020)

Astro 297: Astronomy Communication (Fall 2019, Spring 2020)

Astro 1: Astronomical Universe (Summer 2018)

Current advisees: Tyler Quinn (undergraduate), Leonard Feil (undergraduate), Phoebe Sandhaus (graduate)


First author:

"Forming Diverse Super-Earth Systems in Situ," MacDonald, M. G., Dawson, R. I., Morrison, S. J., Lee, E. J., and Khandelwal, A, 2020, ApJ, 891, 20
"Examining the Radius Valley: a Machine Learning Approach," MacDonald, M. G. , 2019, MNRAS, 487, 4
"Three Pathways for Observed Resonant Chains," MacDonald, M. G.  and Dawson, R. I., 2018, AJ, 156, 5
"A Dynamical Analysis of the Kepler-80 System of Five Transiting Planets," MacDonald, M. G., Ragozzine, D., Fabrycky, D. C., et al. 2016, AJ, 152, 105 
"A Five-Planet Resonant Chain: Reevaluation of the Kepler-80 System," MacDonald, M. G., Shakespeare, C. J., and Ragozzine, D. A., submitted 

Second author

"A Statistical Analysis of the Nulling Pulsar Population," Sheikh, S. Z. and MacDonald, M. G., 2021, MNRAS, 502, 4

"Challenges of Radial Velocity Characterization of Systems with Tightly-spaced Inner Planets," Ragozzine, D. A., MacDonald, M. G., Tognetti, L. A., et al.,  submitted

Third+ author

"Chains of Planets in Mean Motion Resonances Arising from Oligarchic Growth," Morrison, S., Dawson, R. I, and MacDonald, M. G., 2020, ApJ, 904, 157
"The Orbital Eccentricity of Small Planet Systems," Van Eylen, V., Albrecht, S., Huang, X., MacDonald, M. G., et al. 2019, AJ, 157, 61